Tray Service

In this type of service. guests are invited to enjoy mini appetizers that are passed around by our serving staff. It is perfect for hot hors d’oeuvres and detailed presentations. This service creates a casual ambiance that follows the chic style of your event. It is a sweet subtle way to receive or see off your guests.

Stationary Display

Presentations made on a central table located in the center of your meeting. This display, mode with attractive culinary arrangements, allows your guests to choose to their liking. It works well in small groups or combined with troy service for groups of a larger magnitude.

Formal Dinner Service

Elegant and classic, this dinner service requires the most preparation. The different courses are prepared and plated in the kitchen, and then delivered by our serving staff. individually to each one of your guests who are comfortably seated at their table. It is o very personalized style perfect for the most formal events.

Food Pairing

The perfect combination of an individual plate served together with our wine list. This option, put together by our sommelier, is perfect for your more sophisticated “foodies.”

Live Stations

Different thon your typical buffet. we offer o simple informal service in which we design a line full of individualized plates with attractive and contemporary presentations.


Following the model of Spanish topo’s, we pion o menu for a complete dinner with between 5-7 different plates per person. Each plate is presented on family style trays. It is o fun and social style that creates an atmosphere where your guests can interact with each other and the menu options.